green screen photos bar mitzvah entertainment

Guests photos are taken in front of a green screen. Guests then choose a digital backdrop (the available choices can be personalized by the client) and have their photo printed out and framed to take home. Theme related backdrops are available.

Rock Star Photos
green screen rock star background 1green screen rock star background 2green screen rock star background 3
green screen rock star background 4green screen rock star background 5green screen rock star background 6
green screen rock star background 7green screen rock star background 8green screen rock star background 9
green screen rock star background 10green screen rock star background 11green screen rock star background 12
green screen rock star background 13green screen rock star background 14green screen rock star background 15
green screen rock star background 16green screen rock star background 17green screen rock star background 18

Hip Hop Photos
green screen hip hop background 1green screen hip hop background 2green screen hip hop background 3
green screen hip hop background 4green screen hip hop background 5green screen hip hop background 6
green screen hip hop background 7green screen hip hop background 8green screen hip hop background 9
green screen hip hop background 10green screen hip hop background 11
green screen hip hop background 12green screen hip hop background 13
green screen hip hop background 14green screen hip hop background 15green screen hip hop background 16


iTunes Photos
green screen itunes

Guests Photos are created with their silhouette to look like the famous Apple iTunes Images. Theme related colors, images, or text can be added at no additional charge.

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Event Samples

green screen golf green screen fun photo 1 green screen fun photo 2
green screen fun photo 3 green screen fun photo 4 green screen fun photo 5
green screen fun photo 6green screen fun photo 7green screen fun photo 8

green screen fun photo 9green screen fun photo 10
green screen fun photo 11green screen fun photo 12
green screen fun photo 13green screen fun photo 14
green screen fun photo 15 green screen fun photo 16
green screen fun photo 17 green screen fun photo 18
green screen fun photo 19 green screen fun photo 20
green screen fun photo 21 green screen fun photo 22
green screen fun photo 23 green screen fun photo 24
green screen fun photo 25 green screen fun photo 26
digital border sample 1 digital border sample 2digital border sample 3 with green screen
digital border acrylic frames sample 1digital border acrylic frames sample 2
digital border acrylic frames sample 3digital border acrylic frames sample 4
green screen digital backdrops logo

green screen digital backdrops sample 1green screen digital backdrops sample 2
green screen digital backdrops sample 3green screen digital backdrops sample 4
green screen digital backdrops sample 5green screen digital backdrops sample 6
green screen digital backdrops sample 7green screen digital backdrops acrylic frames sample

More Sample Backdrops
green screen fun photo 27green screen fun photo 28green screen fun photo 29green screen fun photo 30green screen fun photo 31green screen fun photo 32green screen fun photo 33green screen fun photo 34
green screen fun photo 35green screen fun photo 36green screen fun photo 37green screen fun photo 38digital backdrop sample 2digital backdrop sample 3digital backdrop sample 4
digital backdrop sample 8 model runwaydigital backdrop sample 9 cruise ship daydigital backdrop sample 10 cruise ship night
digital backdrop sample 11 travel postersdigital backdrop sample 12 peace lovedigital backdrop sample 13 tye dye
digital backdrop sample 14 candyland bridge in winterdigital backdrop sample 15 candyland bridge in springdigital backdrop sample 16 candyland house
digital backdrop sample 17 circus tentdigital backdrop sample 18 chinese dragon martial artsdigital backdrop sample 19 halloween
digital backdrop sample 20 western towndigital backdrop sample 21 barn doordigital backdrop sample 22 graffiti wall
digital backdrop sample 23 zebra furdigital backdrop sample 24 giraffe furdigital backdrop sample 26 leopard fur
digital backdrop sample 27 waterfalldigital backdrop sample 28 surfboardsdigital backdrop sample 29 hawaii backdrop
digital backdrop sample 30 winter wonderland bridgedigital backdrop sample 31 winter wonderland snowmandigital backdrop sample 32 moon landing
digital backdrop sample 33 hollywood signdigital backdrop sample 34 hollywood downtown

digital backdrop sample 35 shopping mall storesdigital backdrop sample 36 james bond

digital backdrop sample 37 las vegasdigital backdrop sample 38 casino chips

digital backdrop sample 39 licorice candydigital backdrop sample 40 candy jelly beans frame

digital backdrop sample 41 candy bars assortmentdigital backdrop sample 42 sports

digital backdrop sample 43 dinosaursdigital backdrop sample 44 mystic moonlight

digital backdrop sample 45 tropical oceandigital backdrop sample 46 tropical sunset

digital backdrop sample 47 snowflakesdigital backdrop sample 48 winter wonderland with text

digital backdrop sample 49 high school musicaldigital backdrop sample 50 eiffel tower in daytimedigital backdrop sample 51 eiffel tower at sunset

digital backdrop sample 52 ferraridigital backdrop sample 53 lamborghinidigital backdrop sample 54 red ferrari

digital backdrop sample 55 easter islanddigital backdrop sample 56 stone hedge

digital backdrop sample 57 great wall of chinadigital backdrop sample 58 egyptian pyramid and sphinx

digital backdrop sample 59 taj mahaldigital backdrop sample 60 leaning tower of pisadigital backdrop sample 61 russian kremlin

digital backdrop sample 62 colosseumdigital backdrop sample 63 acropolis

digital backdrop sample 64 angel falls in costa rica

Our own in-house graphic design team can create a custom design to match any Theme, Decor, or Logo.

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